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Dystopias, Butterflies, and Birthdays

* For those of you who, like me, are inclined toward all things dystopian, here's a quiz: "Which Dystopian Future Is Right for You?"

* And this: "The Nine Greatest Dystopian Music Videos."

* Speaking of the dystopian tradition, I will be giving another guest lecture this weekend at an Institute for Humane Studies seminar at Wake Forest University. Once again I'll be talking about the trend of dystopian thought in current young adult fiction. My next post will be for this presentation.

* It's that time of year again. Our butterfly bush has butterflies!

Butterflies on the Butterfly Bush

* Happy birthday to two terrific gentlemen, arymetore and caster121. May you have a fantastic day and many more! Happy birthday also to a great lady, syrcleoftrees, with best wishes for today and always!

Happy birthday also to the wonderful agentxpndble, a super lady and the webmistress of two great websites:

Have a most excellent day, my friend!

"Time is both longer and shorter than you think, and usually all at once."
- Joan D. Vinge, "View From A Height"
Tags: dystopias, sf

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