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Randomness (Enterprise, Andromeda, Man in the Iron Mask)

So many fandom thoughts, so little time.

Last Friday, the last episode of Enterprise aired. (I don't want to talk about it.) This now is the first time in nearly twenty years that there isn't a Star Trek series of one variety or another in production somewhere. The end of an era, indeed.

What I won't miss about Enterprise (the short list):
1. T'Pol. (Oh, be quiet!)
2. The cheesy Southern cliches foisted onto Trip Tucker's character.
3. Knowing Hoshi and Mayweather would be overlooked and wasted yet again.
4. The same old, same old plots and technobabble.
5. Laughable decontamination scenes.
6. The Trip/T'Pol soap opera. (Be quiet, I say!)

What I will miss about Enterprise (the short list):
1. Shran.
2. The ongoing chance that we would get a meaty Malcolm Reed scene for Dominic Keating to sink his acting teeth into.
3. Shran.
4. The Xindi-arc Jon Archer, with his amoral desperation and all the interesting gray areas that followed from it.
5. The Mirror Universe introductory theme music and montage.
6. All the Television Without Pity snark about furrows.
7. Did I mention Shran?

One of my favorite things about Enterprise is some of the terrific fan fiction it inspired. Here are some of my recommendations. I would welcome suggestions, if you have any!

Last Friday was also the final episode of Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda, which I have followed for its five-year run.

What I won't miss about Andromeda (the short list):
1. Every line that came out of Trance Gemini's mouth.
2. The episodes when I knew that the actors weren't following the plot any better than I was.
3. The whole Paradine thing.
4. The Seefra system.
5. The Route of Ages.

What I will miss about Andromeda (the short list):
1. Rommie.
2. Scruffy and desolate!Telemachus Rhade.
3. Beka Valentine's hair.
4. The poignant moments when we understood what it meant for Dylan to be centuries, as well as light years, from his home.
5. The opening quotes.
6. Tyr Anasazi. Seamus Harper. Tyr and Harper.
7. Snark as canon.

And, while I'm being random, I recently recalled how much fun I have with 1998 film The Man in the Iron Mask. Yes, it could have been a better movie, but I remain fascinated with works that allow heroes to grow older, and I appreciated the way that Gabriel Byrne, Jeremy Irons, John Malkovich, and Gerard Depardieu portrayed the Musketeers in middle age. I've been remiss in not recommending before The Blue Fenix Home Page and Refuge for Lost Fandoms, which archives, among other things, some excellent fan fiction by Blue Fenix and by Amadeus based on the film. If you have any attachment at all to the characters, I suggest you check out the stories (both gen and slash).

And at last, a quote for the day from Andromeda:

"Confine that which you fear to the mirror.
Start with who is standing there.
Then smile."

Bogdo Geghen Seer of Agharta, CY 1890

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