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Happy Monday: Podcast Links, Birthdays, & A Trailer

FYI, here are some podcast links that may be of interest:

* From ankh_hpl: "Science-minded Lovecraftians might want to check out June's "special literary edition" of MonsterTalk, a free audio podcast from Skeptic Magazine. Entitled "Cthulhu Rises," this episode offers an in-depth interview with Lovecraftian scholar and editor Robert M. Price -- plus all the cephalopod information you could possibly want, from biologist P.Z. Myers. A truly tentacular spectacular!" Check out the show notes here.

* Whether you're a fan of the dark fantasy Apocalypse Cycle novels by Valerie Griswold-Ford (a.k.a. vg_ford) or you're new to them, this is good news: the first novel in the series, Not Your Father's Horseman, is now available in podcast form.

Here's a trailer for the young adult dystopia Black Hole Sun by David Macinnes Gill (a.k.a. thunderchikin). It's available next week, and, according to Laurie Halse Anderson, it's "in the best tradition of Heinlein and Firefly."

Happy birthday to onegoat and mbranesf, and happy early birthday to roo2, darthsindel1981, ceosanna, and amygrech. May all of you enjoy many happy returns of the day!

Last but not least, an August-appropriate quote for the day...

Further in Summer than the Birds
Pathetic from the Grass
A minor Nation celebrates
Its unobtrusive Mass

No Ordinance be seen
So gradual the Grace
A pensive Custom it becomes
Enlarging Loneliness.

Antiquer felt at Noon
When August is burning low
Arise this spectral Canticle
Repose to typify

Remit as yet no Grace
No Furrow on the Glow
Yet a Druidic - Difference
Enhances Nature now
- Emily Dickinson
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