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Publishing News & The Hobbit Turns 73

Happy 73rd birthday to The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien, which was first published on this day in 1937. You can see a collection of covers from various editions 1937-2007 here.

In personal publishing news, I'm happy to report that my essay "'Just Get Us a Little Further': Liberty and the Frontier in Firefly and Serenity" has officially been accepted for inclusion in the upcoming collection The Philosophy of Joss Whedon, edited by Dean A. Kowalski and S. Evan Kreider and due out with the University Press of Kentucky in 2011. (My essay looks at the Firefly and Serenity 'verse through the lenses of historian Frederick Jackson Turner's frontier thesis and political philosopher Isaiah Berlin's concepts of positive and negative liberty.) I'll post more details on the volume as it nears publication.

"I got no need to beat you. I just wanna go my way."
- Malcolm Reynolds to The Operative, Serenity
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