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28 Days Until Halloween

This afternoon my husband and I are attending a concert at Lenoir-Rhyne University by Heinavanker (The Haywain), a vocal music ensemble from Tallinn, Estonia named after the famous altarpiece by Hieronymus Bosch. I think their performance will help set the Gothic mood for my favorite month very nicely. Yes, indeed.

Star Trek and zombies: now there's a marriage made in Halloween heaven. ("He's undead, Jim!") Quirk Books recently published Night of the Living Trekkies by Kevin David Anderson and Sam Stall, a novel that explores this very subject. What would happen if the zombie apocalypse began at your local science fiction convention?

Enjoy the book trailer:

Speaking of zombies, if you're looking for zombie-related music, check out's "I Rocked With A Zombie: An Undead Playlist."

Also see PopCrunch's list of "The 13 Best Zombie Novels of All Time." What books (if any) are missing, do you think?

Text of the Day: Today's text seemed appropriate: "Horror Is a Kind of Play" by Nicholas Gordon (1940-present).

Horror is a kind of play,
A need to undergo
Life along the borderline,
Lest death be just a name.
On Halloween we dream away
What wailing we well know,
Enchanted by the danger sign
Each savors up and down the spine,
Near haunts that are no game.
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