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15 Days Until Halloween

John Anealio has posted a new song, "Stormtrooper for Halloween." I find it hard to resist. Hmmm, I wonder why.

I hope you enjoy it, too:

Text of the Day: I simply can't recommend this haunting story enough. (You can read my review of East of the Sun and West of Fort Smith, the collection in which this story appears, here on Goodreads.) A Nebula Award nominee in 2004, I present "Dry Bones" by the amazing William Sanders (1942-present).

It was a hot summer day and I was sitting under the big tree down by the road, where we caught the bus when school was in, when Wendell Haney came up the road on his bike and told me somebody had found a skeleton in a cave down in Moonshine Hollow.

"No lie," he said. "My cousin Wilma Jean lives in town and she came by the house just now and told Mama about it."

I put down the Plastic Man comic book I had been reading. "You mean a human skeleton?" I said, not really believing it.

Wendell made this kind of impatient face. "Well, of course a human one," he said. "What did you think?"

Read the complete story here.
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