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6 Days Until Halloween

Happy Monday! It's our last Monday of the countdown. How quickly the month passes.

First, here's your spooky picture for the day.

Cemetery in October Snow

Next, for your Monday enjoyment, I recommend a visit to Rebecca's Realm, a wonderful collection of Gothic cartoons that, as you can see, capture the Halloween spirit.

rebeccas realm Pictures, Images and Photos

Text of the Day: Now here's a truly frightening piece of fiction: the short story "The Creature from Cleveland Depths" by Fritz Leiber (1910-1992). This tale might be scarier today, in fact, than when it was written. I think you'll see what I mean.

On the scarred black tabletop was a dully gleaming silvery object about the size and shape of a cupped hand with fingers merging. A tiny pellet on a short near-invisible wire led off from it. On the back was a punctured area suggesting the face of a microphone; there was also a window with a date and time in hours and minutes showing through and next to that four little buttons in a row. The concave underside of the silvery “hand” was smooth except for a central area where what looked like two little rollers came through.

“It goes on your shoulder under your shirt,” Fay explained, “and you tuck the pellet in your ear. We might work up bone conduction on a commercial model."

Read the complete story here.
Listen to an unabridged reading of the story here via Maria Lectrix.
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