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"this talking and listening"

First, regarding my sister Margret (she's the tornado chaser): I now have pictures from her recent college graduation (where she was a Phi Beta Kappa inductee and a Graduate With Distinction, adds the proud big sister). So I thought I might share a couple of photos, one of both of us with her undergraduate advisor, and one just of the two of us. In case you don't know me by sight, I'm the one who is - *ahem* - no longer twenty-two. :) I'm also known as the brunette one.

Now, an announcement that might be of interest to those of you who write and/or read fan fiction of any variety: fic_on_demand is a thriving LJ community for fan fiction. How does it work? Join, make a post there requesting a ficlet - any fandom, any pairing, any specs - as specific or vague as you want. Fic requests for all fandoms are welcome. You can only make one request per month. There's a promotion currently underway for the month of June that involves paid LJ time/shopping vouchers to anyone who fulfills at least one request per day throughout June. (They can be any length, so it's not impossible.) FYI!

A couple of random notes:

*Revolution Science Fiction has added two new features about what next season's genre television will bring: "2005-2006 Sci-Fi TV Preview: CancelQuest NBC" (a list of what's new, what's coming back, and what's gone on all of the major networks in terms of science fiction programming next season) and "2005-2006 Sci-Fi TV Preview: Sci-Fi Actors Not Yet Unemployed Again" (a list of what the new season means for actors who are famed for their sci-fi business).

*The site Star Wars Origins contains some interesting educated guesses about the inspirations George Lucas drew upon in making his saga. I hadn't listed this on my past posts re: Star Wars links, so I thought I would add it here.

And last, a quote for the day:

"This always-disappearing lake
is made of our appetites,
these movings-about,
this talking and listening.

The only offering you can make to God
is your increasing awareness..."

from "Four Questions" by Lalla, translated by Coleman Barks
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