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5 Days Until Halloween

* For some perfect October reading, check out darkdestination, an online travel guide to the mysterious and macabre. Filled with eerie pictures and descriptions of creepy places, this blog is ideal for the season!

* Mad-Monsters Movie Trailers is great fun. Watch the movie trailers of classic old horror films on your computer! Be sure to look around the rest of the site, as well.

Here's a truly spooky fan video made by Dustin from the 1934 Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi film The Black Cat and set the to the wonderfully chilling song "The New Zero" by Rasputina. Watch this to be reminded that Halloween doesn't get any better than Karloff and Lugosi in all of their fiendish, black and white glory.

Text of the Day: Today's verse is the eerie "All Soul's Eve" (1920) by Darl Macleod Boyle.

The evening is dark, and the sky is misty, and the wind blows low:
O wind, cease swaying the bare, bare branches, bending them to and fro,
They look too like ghosts in the pale moonlight,
Ah, too like ghosts in the dusky night,
When ghosts glide to and fro!

O ghosts not laid, and ghosts forgotten, and the ghosts of the evil dead,
Why will ye come to sear my heart, when I thought ye had gone and fled,
Why do ye come on this night of the year,
Does it ease your pain to behold my fear,
Since all is done and said?

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