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Don't You Ever Interrupt Me While I'm Reading A Book

Happy Thursday, everyone!

A few items of interest:

* John Scalzi on "Science Fiction at the 2011 Oscars."

* Speaking of the Academy Awards, can I just say how happy I was to see Winter's Bone honored? If you haven't seen this elegant, understated Gothic film set in the Ozarks, I recommend it. Here's an article on the film as an American (and Southern) Gothic work at The Gothic Imagination.

* Jack Seabrook on "Two Lost Stories by Frederic Brown."

* and Galatia Films have created the "Hobbit in 5" YouTube Channel where viewers can see the latest news and rumors from the forthcoming The Hobbit film in convenient five-minute HD videos.

* I'm not entirely convinced that this qualifies as bookstore genre fail.

And happy early birthday wishes to reynardine and arisbe. May you both have a great day and a wonderful year to come!

With apologies to... oh, just about everybody (ha!)... here's Julian Smith's "I'm Reading a Book."

"Education never ends Watson. It is a series of lessons with the greatest for the last."
- Sherlock Holmes, "The Red Circle," Arthur Conan Doyle
Tags: film, gothic, hobbit, sf, sherlock, tolkien

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