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Links Aplenty!

I have lots of links to share today:

* The nominees for the Saturn Awards have been announced by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror. I'm very pleased to see Fringe, Sherlock, Lost, Breaking Bad, and Doctor Who represented so well, and the impressive Monsters appearing in the Best International Film category.

* A bookseller in Cornwall has found five of the lost stories of Daphne du Maurier, and they're going to be published as a new collection. I am there.

* From io9: "What Would It Take For Grownups to Love Dystopian Fiction as Much as Teenagers?"

* From SFSignal: "'The Way Is Open If We Want to Take It': The Dystopian Spirit in 21st-Century SF."

* Steve Niles and Jeffrey Combs are collaborating on a Nevermore comic based on the one-man play about Edgar Allan Poe.

* Lance Henriksen's autobiography, Not Bad for a Human, will soon be released.

Early happy birthday wishes to rosamundeb and kalquessa! May you both enjoy a wonderful day and a great year to come.

funny pictures history - EARTH  That's it right there.
see more Historic LOL

Peter Bishop: That was Olivia. Agent Jessup told her Hughes may have killed his wife and child 17 years ago.
Dr. Walter Bishop: Oh, finally some good news. I assume we can dig them up? I haven't had any bodies to examine.
- Fringe, "Night of Desirable Objects"
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