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Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Lots of happiness today...

* My essay "In Search Of Fringe's Literary Ancestors" is completed and accepted for the forthcoming book Fringe Science: Parallel Universes, White Tulips, and Mad Scientists. I'm quite looking forward to reading the other essays in the collection when it's published.

* StarShipSofa, for the second year in a row, has been nominated for a Hugo Award! Congratulations to Tony C. Smith! Yay Team! Tremendous thanks to all who listen to and support us. There are many other reasons I'm excited about this year's Hugo nominees, too, including Lois McMaster Bujold, Doctor Who, and Saladin Ahmed, among others.

* Sherlock has been nominated for Best Drama Series, Best Actor (Benedict Cumberbatch), and Best Supporting Actor (Martin Freeman) for the BAFTA TV Awards.

* It's grey and rainy, my favorite kind of day.

I hope you have a wonderful one!

Walter: Why not bring a little life to the dead I say!
- "Brown Betty," Fringe
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