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with its usual severity

Oh dear... somehow an entire week has flown by! How did that happen? I hope all is well with all of my friends. Happy Friday!

ConCarolinas was a marvelous time, one of the best con experiences I've had. The panels were very well attended (a packed room for Sherlock!), the discussions wonderful, and the fan meetup was terrific. Incidentally, the panel I moderated on the 11th Doctor Who (another well attended and fantastic time) was filmed for YouTube by Gallifrey Pirate Radio. I'll post when it goes live.

Speaking of the con, here are three new podcasts (two are new, the third is new to me) I recommend:
  • Gallifrey Pirate Radio
    Led by the fabulous Davey Beauchamp, this is Doctor Who love for both newcomers and classic Who fans alike.

  • Baker Street Babes
    Everything Arthur Conan Doyle, from the canon texts to Sherlock.

  • Rippercast
    Jonathan Menges, a roundtable of co-hosts and special guests discuss topics related to the Whitechapel Murders, Jack the Ripper, Victorian British history, and whatever else suits their fancy.

Also related to the con, here are the two forthcoming books I'm most excited to read:

A couple of other notes:

funny pictures history - BUBBA FETT
see more Historic LOL

Summer has set in with its usual severity.
~Samuel Taylor Coleridge
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