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Back from the Catacombs

I'm baaack! I had a wonderful experience, as expected, at Towson University with the good people from the Institute for Humane Studies.

Before I left Baltimore, I took a detour to spend some time at Westminster Hall and Burying Ground, where Edgar Allan Poe is buried. Thanks to the terrific staff there, I was able to get a personal tour of the cemetery and the remarkable catacombs beneath the church. (Thanks to Lu Ann Marshall and everyone at Westminster Hall!)

You can see my pictures from both the cemetery and catacombs here.

Here are a couple of favorites. One from the cemetery:

Edgar Allan Poe's final grave at Westminster Hall

One from the catacombs:

Bentalou graves in the Westminster Hall catacombs

The series Scariest Places on Earth once filmed a segment at Westminster. Here it is:

Happy early birthday wishes to lynn_maudlin, gods_lil_rocker, bouncybabylemur, divadiane1, fungus_files, and sunshinedew. May each of you enjoy many happy returns of the day.

"Dear Mr. Poe,
You are my inspiration!
- note left on the Poe Memorial at Westminster Cemetery, as seen on June 28, 2011
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