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A Doctor Who Poll!

Previously, I asked about your favorite Doctors of Doctor Who. (I've left the poll open, in case you want to change/add your answers.)

We're currently going back and (re)watching the DVDs for each of the Doctors from Doctor Who in chronological order. This leads me to a new question for my friends...

Which episodes/arcs are your favorites for each of the Doctors? (I'm not counting Eight/Paul McGann, because there's only one option for him, the television movie.) Thanks for sharing your picks! Please feel free to respond to as many/few of the Doctors as you wish.

Poll #1760419 What are your favorite Doctor Who episodes/arcs for each Doctor?

Favorite episodes/arcs with One/William Hartnell:

Favorite episodes/arcs with Two/Patrick Troughton:

Favorite episodes/arcs with Three/Jon Pertwee:

Favorite episodes/arcs with Four/Tom Baker:

Favorite episodes/arcs with Five/Peter Davison:

Favorite episodes/arcs with Six/Colin Baker:

Favorite episodes/arcs with Seven/Sylvester McCoy:

Favorite episodes/arcs with Nine/Christopher Eccleston:

Favorite episodes/arcs with Ten/David Tennant:

Favorite episodes/arcs with Eleven/Matt Smith:

Barbara: Well, maybe we're going to see a new side to the Doctor.

Ian: Yeah, well, he isn't getting any younger, is he? You know, it's the first time he's been asleep during a landing. Barbara, I've got an idea he's getting a bit...

The Doctor: Remember, I can hear what you're saying.

- Doctor Who, "The Rescue"
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