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I survived the LJpocalypse of July 2011! How about you?

LJ is back! Woohoo!

In news...

* Editor Janet B. Croft has accepted the proposal for my essay "From Both Sides Now: Lois McMaster Bujold and the Fan Fiction Phenomenon" (working title) for the forthcoming collection Forward Momentum: The Science Fiction and Fantasy of Lois McMaster Bujold (Critical Explorations in Science Fiction and Fantasy Series) for McFarland Press, scheduled for publication in late 2012/early 2013. I am ridiculously excited about this one.

* The US DVDs of the second season of Garrow's Law (see icon) will be released next week. *much rejoicing* Garrow's Law is part of my current BBC fixation, which also includes much love for Sherlock, of course, as well as Cabin Pressure and Doctor Who. And speaking of retro Who, we're about to watch the second half of "The War Machines," in which Patrick Troughton will regenerate into Jon Pertwee. So we're moving steadily along...

* And speaking once more of Doctor Who, did I previously realize that the second Doctor was Dudley Dursley's grandfather in real life? No, I don't think I did. Hmmm. It's a small world after all.

Happy early birthdays to tudorpumpkin and lizziebelle. May you both have most excellent days and wonderful years to come!

And now, a Lovecraftian moment, thanks to wellinghall:

funny pictures history - To her father's chagrin, Denise Cthulu decided on a career as a  dance hall girl.
see more

"My Patronus is a Wookie."
- seen on a tee-shirt
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