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Hi all!

Two quick notes:

First, the entirety of my "H.P. Lovecraft and the Imaginative Tale" essay is now available at Revolution Science Fiction as Part 1 and Part 2.

Second, the latest episode of the Doctor Who video podcast Gallifrey Pirate Radio is now available, and it's the panel I moderated at this year's ConCarolinas, a retrospective of series six, part one (and, de facto, the eleventh Doctor in general) thus far. (tl;dr: I'm the long-haired brunette on the right end of the table.)

"Oooh!! A big flashy lighty thing. I love big flashy lighty things. Big flashy lighty things have got me written all over them. Well, not actually, but give me time. And a crayon."
- The Doctor, "A Christmas Carol"