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Halloween Countdown, Day 3

Today's stunning picture is by the fabulous lizziebelle.


How fascinating is this? According to the new November 2011 issue of Sky & Telescope, Dr. Don Olson, an astrophysicist at Texas State University-San Marcos, claims to have used textual clues to pinpoint the precise moment, down to date and hour, when Mary Shelley conceived of Frankenstein. Read more here.

Text of the Day: This gives me an excuse to highlight another work by Mary Shelley (one of my favorite authors!), the chilling 1831 story "Transformation."

I have heard it said, that, when any strange, supernatural, and necromantic adventure has occurred to a human being, that being, however desirous he may be to conceal the same, feels at certain periods torn up as it were by an intellectual earthquake, and is forced to bare the inner depths of his spirit to another. I am a witness of the truth of this. I have dearly sworn to myself never to reveal to human ears the horrors to which I once, in excess of fiendly pride, delivered myself over. The holy man who heard my confession, and reconciled me to the church, is dead. None knows that once —

Why should it not be thus? Why tell a tale of impious tempting of Providence, and soul-subduing humiliation? Why? answer me, ye who are wise in the secrets of human nature! I only know that so it is; and in spite of strong resolve — of a pride that too much masters me—of shame, and even of fear, so to render myself odious to my species — I must speak.

Read the complete story here.

Download an unabridged narration from
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