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Halloween Countdown, Day 11

Are you looking to add a new book to your Halloween reading list? I have a recommendation, a 2011 novel that is well worth your time. It's by Mike A. Lancaster, and it's been released to various markets under the titles 0.4 and Human.4. I highly recommend it.

Read my review.

And now, another public service announcement:


Text of the Day: Today's short story is a spooky one: "A Ghoul's Accountant" by Stephen Crane (1871-1900).

In a wilderness sunlight is noise. Darkness is a great, tremendous silence, accented by small and distant sounds. The music of the wind in the trees is songs of loneliness, hymns of abandonment, and lays of the absence of things congenial and alive.

Once a campfire lay dying in a fit of temper. A few weak flames struggled cholerically among the burned-out logs. Beneath, a mass of angry, red coals glowered and hated the world. Some hemlocks sighed and sung and a wind purred in the grass. The moon was looking through the locked branches at four imperturbable bundles of blankets which lay near the agonized campfire. The fire groaned in its last throes, but the bundles made no sign.

Off in the gloomy unknown a foot fell upon a twig.

Read the complete story.

Download an unabridged narration from
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