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Halloween Countdown, Day 17

Celebrating its 13th year, "Out ov the Coffin" is hosted by the fabulous D.J. Ichabod. What was born as a means of spreading dark and esoteric music to the Nashville area via WRVU, broadcasting from my graduate alma mater, Vanderbilt University (Go 'Dores!), is now an spine-tingling and atmospheric podcast. Check it out for some perfect Halloween music! You won't be sorry.

Next, here's the latest trailer from the fabulous H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society for its forthcoming film adaptation of Lovecraft's The Whisperer in Darkness:

Text of the Day: Today's reading is the short story "The Cuckoo Clock" by Wesley Barefoot, which was first published in the March 1954 issue of Amazing Stories.

You know a murderer preys on your household—lives with you—depends on you—and you have no defence!

Read the complete story.

Download an unabridged narration from
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