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"Behind this mortal bone there knits a bolder one"

Happy birthday to the wonderful melissagay, artist extraordinaire and all around magical person. May you have a fantastic day and many more!

A couple publication notes:

1. I am happy to say that "Sexy Nerds: Illya Kuryakin, Mr. Spock, and the Image of the Cerebral Hero in Television Drama," the piece I co-wrote with the fantastic st_crispins, has been accepted for publication as a chapter in a forthcoming scholarly anthology on Intelligence in Popular Media, edited by Lisa Holderman of Arcadia University. I'll post more information when additional publication details are available.

(Incidentally, you can see st_crispins in action teaching media literacy here, in a nice clip featuring interviews with, among others, George Lucas.)

2. My essay "Looking There (And Back Again) at the Gathering of the Fellowship" has been reprinted and is now available in the new publication In Fellowship: The Official Print Journal of The Gathering of the Fellowship Community.

In other news, it is official: Liam Neeson is the voice of Aslan.

And now, a quote for the day, an excerpt from one of my favorite poems:

"....The eagle of his nest
No easier divest
And gain the sky,
Than mayest thou,

Except thyself may be
Thine enemy;
Captivity is consciousness,
So's liberty."

by Emily Dickinson

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