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Halloween Countdown, Day 27

I've done several "special segments" in the past during my Halloween countdowns, and while I don't want to repeat myself, I'd like to point out a few favorites, for those who might have missed them:
* Remembering the graveyard of St. John's Episcopal Church in Providence, RI, where Lovecraft and Poe walked.
* You've heard of the "werewolves of London," but what about the "vampyres of Tulsa"?
* My tribute to L'Inconnue de la Seine ("the unknown woman of the Seine") and her "death mask."
* A celebration of Varney the Vampire.
* My retrospective on The Phantasmagoria.

This photo fascinates and chills me. I think it's the hollowness of the angel's eyes.

Engelsfigur auf dem Westfriedhof in Unna

Text of the Day: Today's text is the haunting short story "A Thousand Deaths" by Jack London (1876-1916).

I had been in the water about an hour, and cold, exhausted, with a terrible cramp in my right calf, it seemed as though my hour had come. Fruitlessly struggling against the strong ebb tide, I had beheld the maddening procession of the water-front lights slip by, but now a gave up attempting to breast the stream and contended myself with the bitter thoughts of a wasted career, now drawing to a close.

Read the complete short story.
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