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What shall we hang - the holly or each other?

Happy Friday!

* My most recent StarShipSofa "Looking Back on Genre History" segment, the second of a two-parter that discusses the history of the 2012 "doomsday" phenomenon, is now available in the latest episode of the podcast. You can download it or listen to it here or via iTunes. (The first part is here.) If you listen, I hope you enjoy. (A full list of my past podcast segments, with links, is available here.)

* The new poster for The Hunger Games is amazing! (Thanks to cookiefleck.)

* There's more news about the 1977 Girl Scout Murders (you can see my pasts posts on the subject here). The filmmaker who is creating the new movie about it has named the man he claims confessed to the murders. The writer and director of the upcoming movie Candles said that convicted murderer Karl Lee Myers, who is currently serving a first-degree murder conviction on death row in the Oklahoma State Penitentiary in McAlester, is the killer of the three Girl Scouts who were raped and murdered at Camp Scott in 1977. Read the article from The Cherokee Phoenix here: "Director Names Alleged Girl Scouts Killer in Movie. (PS. If Wes Studi really has sent a letter of intent with regard to the film, that will lend all kinds of credibility to it. Hmmm.)

On a lighter note... - I don't particularly care if you've been naughty or nice

"The lakes of ice gleam bluer than the lakes
Of water 'neath the summer sunshine gleamed:
Far fairer than when placidly it streamed,
The brook its frozen architecture makes,
And under bridges white its swift way takes.
Snow comes and goes as messenger who dreamed
Might linger on the road; or one who deemed
His message hostile gently for their sakes
Who listened might reveal it by degrees.
We gird against the cold of winter wind
Our loins now with mighty bands of sleep,
In longest, darkest nights take rest and ease,
And every shortening day, as shadows creep
O'er the brief noontide, fresh surprises find."
- Helen Hunt Jackson, A Calendar of Sonnets: December
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