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Bizarre Hobbity Goodness and Other Misc. News

From the "Misc." files...

* Enrollment for Spring 2012 courses (both for audit and graduate credit) at The Mythgard Institute, including my online seminar on "Taking Harry Seriously: The Artistry and Meaning of the Harry Potter Saga," closes on January 13.

* Speaking of teaching, I've just agreed to offer my online seminar on the dystopian tradition, "The Hunger Games and Worlds Gone Wrong," at Belmont University this summer.

* Thanks to the extended trailer for Sherlock's "The Reichenbach Fall" (see it here), I have Nina Simone's version of "Sinnerman" on continual loop in my head, now with extra Moriarty-esque goodness creepiness.

* From SF Signal: Before the 1977 Rankin And Bass production of The Hobbit, there was this 1966 version by Gene Deitch. Originally planned as a full-length feature film before the Tolkien craze hit, a screenplay was written that took several heretical liberties with the story. Unfortunately the deal fell through with 20th Century Fox. But then, just one month before the rights were set to expire, the property value of Tolkien’s work skyrocketed and Gene put together the version you see here:

Read Gene Deitch's fascinating recollection of the events.

“Dilettantes," Art3mis said. "It’s their own fault for not knowing all the Schoolhouse Rock! lyrics by heart.”
― Ernest Cline, Ready Player One
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