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I saw The Woman in Black today...

Apologies for the extended silence. This has been one crazy-hectic work week! I hope all's well with you, my friends.

First, a couple of links to share...

* From Flavorwire: "The Ten Best Sherlocks That You've Probably Never Seen." (Thanks to jan_u_wine!)

* Presenting Lenore is celebrating Dystopian February with month-long themed posts, book reviews, and giveaways. It promises to be great fun.

And a few miscellaneous notes...

* I saw The Woman in Black today. I'll admit that I'm often something of a literary snob when it comes to film adaptations of books in general, and I quite liked Susan Hill's novel on which this movie is based, in particular. I'm therefore trying to decide why I'm not more upset at the way the film took liberties with the novel. Perhaps it's because the feel of the movie captures the feel of the book so well, despite deviations in the storyline; perhaps it's because I genuinely liked several of the changes this adaptation makes. It's not a perfect film, to be sure, but I quite enjoyed its carefully crafted atmosphere (the handling of the various deaths of children in Crythin Gifford is especially well done), and Daniel Radcliffe was understated and compelling in the leading role (which could've easily been over the top without his restraint). The nursery at Eel Marsh House has the creepiest toys ever.

* Tickets have sold out for my Sherlock and Science Fiction web lecture/Q&A on February 18. Thanks to everyone who has helped spread the word about this event!

* The brilliant Diva Diane has honored me with the Versatile Blogger Award. Many thanks, Diane! You're fabulous.

* Last call for participating in my poll on the "Vampire Novel of the Century." Many thanks to those of you who have taken part already.

And now, to put 2012 in context...


"The world, Watson," he said firmly, "is an ass."
- David Dvorkin, Time for Sherlock Holmes


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Feb. 3rd, 2012 08:44 pm (UTC)
So if one wasn't familiar with the story in book form, it would be a generally good creepy movie ?

And interesting, never heard of any of those actors doing Holmes, well besides Michael Caine *adds the last one to his Netflix queue*
Feb. 3rd, 2012 08:53 pm (UTC)
So if one wasn't familiar with the story in book form, it would be a generally good creepy movie?

Oh, definitely. At least, I would say so. It's not the scream-out-loud kind, but rather the slow chills/quiet dread kind (like The Others, for example). It's going to go on my list for my next Gothic class, for certain. I'd love to know what you think of it, if you see it!

I'll admit to some curiosity about Rupert Everett as Holmes, too. Hmmm...
Feb. 3rd, 2012 09:02 pm (UTC)
It sounds like my kind of movie, as much as I love jump out and scare horrors, I prefer slow and creepy, gothic tales. A good one will actually creep me out, where most regular horror films are as much comedy for me.

As for Holmes, I bumped it to the top of my list, so I should see it next week. I'll try to remember to post reviews for both flicks :)
Feb. 6th, 2012 12:00 am (UTC)
IMHO, "slow and creepy, gothic tale" fits The Woman in Black very well. I hope you enjoy it.

I'll look forward to your reviews! :)
Feb. 8th, 2012 01:35 am (UTC)
Well I tried to watch the Holmes flick tonight...got 2 scenes in and the DVD started flaking. ARGH ! So, reported it to Netflix, and hopefully I'll get to try again later this week.
Feb. 11th, 2012 02:49 am (UTC)
Well, haven't seen Woman in Black yet, but I just finished Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Silk Stocking. I enjoyed it, but it took liberties with the Holmes canon. The actor who played Holmes was rather abrasive, but it kind of fit. I still prefer Peter Cushing as Holmes though. Worth a rental though.
Feb. 11th, 2012 10:32 pm (UTC)
Oooh! So glad to hear it. I'm definitely putting that on my queue. Thanks so much for letting me know it's worth watching.
Feb. 4th, 2012 04:26 pm (UTC)
The 10 unknown Sherlocks was pretty interesting. Was glad they mentioned Ian Richardson. I have seen his Baskerville movie, which was pretty good as adaptations go, and I also have the Murder Rooms series, in which Richardson pretty much stole the show.
Feb. 5th, 2012 11:55 pm (UTC)
Ooh, I only recently saw the Murder Rooms series, and I loved it. You're so right: Richardson stole the show.
Feb. 4th, 2012 07:36 pm (UTC)
We saw The Woman in Black last night. I have various quibbles with it, but overall it was a fine way to spend a few hours. I probably best liked the atmospheric road to the house, and some of the nice cinematograpy/visual details. Will save other comments for email (hopefully PC fixed this afternoon) to avoid spoilery comments. M, like you, is familiar with the history (read book, seen other versions) and she liked it even more than I did!

Re Mayans : God, yes. ;o)
Feb. 5th, 2012 11:58 pm (UTC)
I'm so glad to hear you liked it (minus some quibbles) and that Marie did, too!

Love your icon. <3
Feb. 5th, 2012 06:21 am (UTC)
Thanks for the "10 Unknown Sherlocks" link! I was glad to see props to Ronald Howard in the comments, and made a note to chase down a few of the others.

I saw an interview with Daniel Radcliffe about the Woman in Black while I was in the waiting room during TODS's eye surgery. It sounded quite intriguing!
Feb. 5th, 2012 11:59 pm (UTC)
My pleasure! I made some notes after reading that (and its comments), too.

If you see the film, I hope you enjoy it! The more I think back on it, even the changes it made to the story, the more I like it.
Feb. 7th, 2012 04:24 am (UTC)
Random Fun Fact: The actor who played James Potter in the Harry Potter films, played the same role as Dan Radcliffe in a previous incarnation of The Woman in Black.

I'm not much on horror movies (vivid imagination and prone to nightmares), but I may want to see this one. Looks visually stunning and like a fascinating story.
Feb. 11th, 2012 10:31 pm (UTC)
Oh wow - that is a fun fact! What a coincidence.

It really is visually stunning, and I quite like how they played out the story. I'd love to hear what you think about it, if you see it.
( 15 comments — Leave a comment )