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R.I.P., Samuel Youd, a.k.a. John Christopher (1922-2012)

Samuel Youd, who wrote science fiction under the name John Christopher, has passed away at the age of 89. He's perhaps best known for his young adult Tripods series as well as the post-apocalyptic novels Empty World and The Death of Grass (also published as No Blade of Grass).

John Christopher

Read more at Locus Online.

“What I was suddenly aware of was the importance of their being whatever each of them was---cocky and contemptuous, or bothered and beaten---as long as it was something they'd come to in their own way: the importance of being human, in fact. The peace and harmony Uncle Ian and the others claimed to be handing out in fact was death, because without being yourself, an individual, you weren't really alive.”
― John Christopher, When the Tripods Came
Tags: dystopias, genre literature, r.i.p., sf, ya dystopias

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