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It's off to StellarCon and SONAR I go...

Soon I'll be off on Trip #2. But first, a few notes:

* From The Guardian: "J.K. Rowling Announces New Novel - For Adults."

* Remember those Sherlock-inspired Adagio teas I mentioned earlier? Since my older niece and nephew gave me a wonderful new teapot for Christmas, I decided I'd give a couple a try. I got Watson and Lestrade, which arrived freakishly quickly. I'll admit that I don't have the most sophisticated palate for tea in the world (I'm more of a coffee snob by nature and experience), but in case you're interested, my amateur "reviews" are below the cut.

A crack shot and brown as a nut.
Description: Queen and Country traditionalist, but still recounting his days in Afghanistan drinking green tea, John Watson prefers his tea with a bit of cream, no sugar, and just a little warm from a touch of cinnamon.
Review: This is my favorite of the two blends. It's downright comforting while at the same time feeling strong and energetic. (Perfect for Dr. Watson, isn't it?) I'm an Earl Grey fan, and this note is clear and dominant; there's an added kick from the Irish Breakfast, and the cinnamon comes across subtly throughout and then wonderfully at the end to round out the flavor in a very satisfying way. I expect I'll be buying more.

A great cup of tea. And, if we're very lucky, it might even be a good one.
Description: Smoky traces of gunpowder, aged leather, mellowed with a trace of hazelnut. A distinguished, if tired, blend.
Review: This is such an ideal interpretation of Lestrade's character! Down-to-earth, calm, with hidden depth. I love its smokiness. I prefer to drink my tea plain, with nothing added, and this works wonderfully well that way. Normally hazelnut is a bit too sweet for my taste, but the slight hint of it here perfectly offsets the earthy-bitterness to create a rich, smooth taste.

* I now have my schedule for this weekend's fun at StellarCon and SONAR: The Symposium on Nerdy Academic Research.

4pm - Panel on the Origins of Modern Fantasy (I'm moderator)
8pm - Panel on Research for the Writer

5pm - Panel on The Hunger Games

11am: My 30-minute talk on "Fringe's Literary Ancestors"

* Happy early birthday wishes to bluerocean, clara_posts, thewordoffred, lovefromgirl, and artwhisperer. May you have a wonderful day and a fantastic year to come!

A parting thought:

sci fi fantasy The Brain that Wouldn't Die - I Think I'll Quit
see more Set Phasers To Lol
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