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Ouch! So there's that...

I'm back from participating in a fantastic colloquium on the political writings of the U.S. anti-slavery movement, which provided me terrific insights and much food for thought.

I stayed at the hotel where the conference was held, an establishment that first opened in 1931 and now is a National Historic Landmark. It was a study in art deco loveliness.

Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza

Unfortunately, all of the time I was supposed to spend catching up today was spent in doctors' offices and labs, because something over the weekend went awry with my Achilles tendon, and now it's definitely the wrong size/shape and decidedly less than comfortable in the bargain. Besides taking medication in the short term, it looks like I'll be wearing specially-designed footware for a month (!!!) to see if the tendon decides to behave. Unexpected, inexplicable, and bizarre. Not to mention inconvenient.

I think I owe every human being on the planet*** an email; I'll be catching up very soon, I promise!

As a parting thought, here's the "Sci-Fi Film Alphabet" by Steven Wildish. How many movies can you name?

sci fi fantasy - Sci-Fi Film Alphabet
see more Set Phasers To Lol

*** Only a minor overstatement.

“They have assumed the names and gestures of their enemies, but have held on to their own, secret souls; and in this there is a resistance and an overcoming, a long outwaiting.”
- N. Scott Momaday, House Made of Dawn
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