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It's Me Again! A New Film...

Hi everyone! Happy Tuesday!

I'm deep in lecture notes at the moment, so this is just a quick post to say the third of my mini-films for the Institute for Humane Studies has now hit the web. This one is The Trail of Tears: They Knew It Was Wrong. ("People of the time knew it was wrong. People of the time knew it was illegal. People of the time knew it was unconstitutional. And it happened anyway.") Again, tremendous thanks to Ozymandius Media for putting this together with style and loving care.

Here 'tis!

The two shorts of mine in this series that already have been released are as follows:
* Forgotten Rebellion: Black Seminoles and the Largest Slave Revolt in U.S. History
* Andrew Jackson: The First Imperial President

-- In other quick news, here's an interesting (not to mention somewhat problematic) article on the young adult dystopian phenomenon by Brian Bethune: "The Hunger Games: Your Kids Are Angrier Than You Think."

-- I still owe a few emails/replies; I'll be catching up very shortly!

"Sir, does this government think that the people of the United States are become savage and mad?"
- Ralph Waldo Emerson to President Martin Van Buren
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