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Happy birthday to knesinka_e, and happy early birthday to ithildyn, melissagay, and faramirgirl. May all of you have fantastic days and wonderful years to come!

All the Hobbit news from Comic-Con sounds wonderful! It looks like I'll be teaching my Tolkien seminar again for the Spring 2012 semester, and I expect the energy will be terrific.

It's amazing; it seems like just yesterday I was in Toronto for the Gathering of the Fellowship, The Lord of the Rings: The Musical, and the Imperishable Flame Award Ceremony and such, but it's been six years! (For my new friends, my old post on those festivities is here and the picture post is here.) And the Toronto premiere of The Return of the King and all of the related festivities, which I also attended, was three years before that! Good grief!

TORn now has a great spoilery report of the new footage of the film that was just shown at Comic-Con.

And here's a lovely group interview:

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