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Halloween Countdown, Day 3

Text of the Day: Today's short story is "The Soul Master" by Will Smith and R.J. Robbins, originally published in Astounding Stories of Super-Science in March 1930.

Excerpt: I tore myself away from the staring, curious eyes of the figure.

“In God’s name, Mercer, what is it? Porcelain?” I asked hoarsely. The thing had an indescribably eery effect.

He laughed wildly.

“Porcelain? Watch ... look!”

My eyes followed his pointing finger. The figure was moving. Gracefully it arose to its full height. The great cloud of corn-colored hair floated down about it, falling below the knees. Slowly, with a grace of movement comparable only with the slow soaring of a gull, she came toward me, walking on the bottom of the pool through the clear water as though she floated in air.

Read the Complete Short Story: Here

And now for something completely different...

On this day in 2004, award-winning actress Janet Leigh died. She is perhaps best remembered for her iconic role in Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 adaptation of Robert Bloch's Psycho. Here's the scene that's become one of the most recognizable in cinema history:

Today, in her honor, I offer a transformative work: a fan video by MaxedOutPuppetry (with puppets!) for Moosebutter's "Psycho: The Musical," which is set to "The Music of the Night" from Andrew Lloyd Webber's adaptation of The Phantom of the Opera. "Alfred Hitchcock, he made it so intense... I have have not been in a bathroom since." Enjoy. :)

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