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Halloween Countdown, Day 23

Thanks to everyone who took part in yesterday's new poll! It's still open for anyone else who would like to participate. Thanks!

In 1982, Tim Burton wrote the poem "The Nightmare Before Christmas." Eleven years later he adapted it into the full-length animated film that's now a Halloween classic.

Here is that original poem, read by the incomparable Christopher Lee.

I hope you enjoy the Text of the Day.

"The Owls"
by Charles Baudelaire (1821-1867)

Under the overhanging yews,
The dark owls sit in solemn state,
Like stranger gods; by twos and twos
Their red eyes gleam. They meditate.

Motionless thus they sit and dream
Until that melancholy hour
When, with the sun's last fading gleam,
The nightly shades assume their power.

From their still attitude the wise
Will learn with terror to despise
All tumult, movement, and unrest;

For he who follows every shade,
Carries the memory in his breast,
Of each unhappy journey made.
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