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Halloween Countdown, Day 28

sleep that knits up the ravelled sleeve of care

I hope you enjoy the Text of the Day.

The Eldritch Dark
by Clark Ashton Smith (1893-1961)

Now as the twilight's doubtful interval
Closes with night's accomplished certainty,
A wizard wind goes crying eerily;
And in the glade unsteady shadows crawl,
Timed to the trees, whose voices rear and fall
As with some dreadful witches' ecstasy,
Flung upward to the dark, whence glitters free
The crooked moon, impendent over all.

Twin veils of covering cloud and silence thrown
Across the movement and the sound of things,
Make blank the night, till in the broken west
The moon's ensanguined blade awhile is shown....
The night grows whole again.... The shadows rest,
Gathered beneath a greater shadow's wings.

On a lighter note, how about some "Graveyard Rock"?

And with apologies to H.P. Lovecraft... - Happy Halloween! May you never journey far from your placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity!
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