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Happy belated birthday to astromachy and manonlechat, happy birthday to shalna, and happy early birthday to shiny_elfriend, green_key, reynardine, brandaluna, arisbe, dirtwitch, and dominique012. May you enjoy many happy returns of the day!

I appreciated this post comparing Tumblr and LiveJournal (and I think the comparison holds true for other blogging platforms, as well). I'm not knocking Tumblr, as it certainly has its uses, but I value LJ (and similar platforms) for several of the reasons asya_ana names, including the fact that Tumblr emphasizes images over words (and in both my professional and fandom lives, I'm a text-based person), and Tumblr isn't nearly as communication-friendly. It seems to me that the two accomplish different objectives, and one isn't a substitute for the other. Here's the post: "Why You Shouldn't Abandon LJ for Tumblr."

Now, after saying I'm text-minded, I'm going to post a photo. Ha! As seen on the University of Virginia campus in Charlottesville:

Believe in Sherlock Holmes
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