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Behind every geek girl is a fabulous geek mother.

... well, behind this geek girl, at any rate.

A while ago I fell in love with two of the Sherlock Holmes-inspired fabrics at Spoonflower, so I asked my mother if she might be willing to "do something" if I sent her some. No one "does something" with fabric or yarn quite like my mother.

Well, I just received a most fantastic box from her. From fabric featuring the original Sidney Paget illustrations of Holmes and Watson, she made me a lovely quilted book bag, covers for writing pads, and a cover for a binder to hold the postcards I collect. They are glorious. From fabric featuring the wallpaper pattern from Sherlock's 221B Baker Street, she made me a gorgeous blazer in my favorite pattern. (I'll model it soon; at the moment I'm recovering from the flu, and I look like a George Romero-style zombie.) I'm so thrilled!

Sherlockian goodies

Ah, but Mother didn't stop there. She found a pattern for John Watson's oatmeal jumper from Sherlock and adapted it for Virginia. That's right, our best friend is now tricked out in full John Watson apparel (which is fitting, actually, since Virginia can go from "cute-n-cuddly" to "badass" at a moment's notice, just like John himself). I reckoned this called for a photo shoot.

Virginia in her John Watson oatmeal jumper, a la Sherlock

You can see the detail of the pattern better below (click to expand the photo):

Virginia in her John Watson oatmeal jumper, a la Sherlock

More pictures of the goodies, including Virginia in her jumper, are here.

Needless to say, I'm one happy geek girl today. I just had to share.

It is, of course, a trifle, but there is nothing so important as trifles.
- Sherlock Holmes, "The Man with the Twisted Lip," Arthur Conan Doyle
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