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Amy H. Sturgis

So much awesomeness, the mind boggles.

I come bearing links I hope will be of interest and use...

Fundraisers for Worthwhile Charity Causes
  • The wonderful historical fantasy author D.B. Jackson is spearheading a fundraiser and giveaway via FirstGiving for the Boston Foundation and the One Fund of Boston to help the city in the wake of the bombings. Learn more here.

  • Fans of the brilliant Rupert Graves are celebrating his upcoming 50th birthday via JustGiving by raising funds for the charity of which he's patron, The Springboard Opportunity Group, which serves children across North Somerset who have disabilities and additional needs. Learn more here.

Kickstarter Projects with a Lovecraftian Focus (Thanks to wellinghall!)

Two Keynote Talks Worth Watching on YouTube

Last but definitely not least...


You are invited to participate in an international, interactive science fiction convention... from the comfort of your own home! It will be action-packed, inexpensive, and most of all, FUN!

SofaCON: An Online International Science Fiction Convention

Join the crew of the Hugo Award winning StarShipSofa, their special guests, and friends from all over the world as a new tradition begins: SofaCON, An Online International Science Fiction Convention. This live, history-making event will focus on those who are creators, scholars, and fans of the best of speculative fiction. Over the years StarShipSofa has brought together a global community of science fiction lovers; it’s time for old and new Sofanauts alike to meet in a real-time, interactive virtual venue to celebrate the genre they love.

Meet stellar authors. Watch exclusive interviews and lectures. Ask questions and offer comments. Enjoy the SF convention experience from the comfort of your home. Don’t miss this inaugural event!

New information on guests, scheduling, and registration will be updated at the con's website regularly, and I'll also be posting more updates soon here! I hope you can join us.

SofaCON 2013
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