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Thanks and Update on OKC

As some of you know, my sister is a tornado chaser and meteorological scientist, and both her family and our parents live near Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. (I've received a number of messages asking after them. Thank you so much!)

The devastation from the series of tornadoes on Sunday and Monday has set new records, and my family is in shock. Sunday night's tornadoes came within three miles of my parents, and yesterday's destroyed areas and claimed many lives in what is essentially my sister's backyard. All of my family members are well and unhurt, but they are grieving with their neighbors for all who have been lost or injured, and especially for the children and school staff members for whom searches remain underway.

To put it all in perspective, my sister was excited about seeing Star Trek into Darkness this weekend. Now her favorite theater and the entire neighborhood in which it was located no longer exist.

Oklahoma National Guard

This community is smart, well informed, and prepared for the vagaries of spring weather in Tornado Alley, but the last two days have rewritten the history books in terms of severe weather. If you have good thoughts and positive vibes to spare, please send some in the direction of Moore in particular and the larger Oklahoma City area in general. Thank you, my friends!

ETA: To help, there's the Red Cross web site (or text REDCROSS to 90999). The Animal Resource Center of Oklahoma City has a link to a donation page for animal relief. And you can donate to Pet Food Pantry. (Thanks to marthawells.)

ETA 2: More links! There's The Salvation Army web site, with an option to donate specifically for Oklahoma Tornado Relief (or text STORM to 80888). In addition, Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief is already mobilized and in Moore, and it guarantees 100% of donations will go directly to the relief efforts underway. The Tulsa Community Foundation in Tulsa, OK (my hometown) is accepting contributions to the new Moore & Shawnee Tornado Relief Fund here.
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