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The 125th Anniversary of the Autumn of Terror Begins

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On this day in 1888, 39-year-old Martha Tabram was found stabbed 39 times, murdered in the George Yard Buildings of East London. Her killer was never discovered. Although she is not considered to be one of the "Canonical Five" victims of Jack the Ripper, many investigators at the time and scholars since have linked her death to the Ripper's killing spree.

(An earlier murder, that of Emma Smith in April, might also have been related to the later killings, although this is not as widely held a theory.)

Below is the current site of what was the Two Brewers pub, where Martha and her friend "Pearly Poll" picked up two guardsmen. Later the two women parted ways, and Martha went with the Private into George Yard. Her body was discovered hours later on the morning of August 7, 1888.

The Old Two Brewers

* Read "Martha Tabram: The Forgotten Ripper Victim?" by Jon Ogan
* Read "The Case for Re-Canonizing Martha Tabram" by Quentin L. Pittman, esq.
* Read "The Silence of Violence: A Witness to the Martha Tabram Murder Exposed" by Tom Wescott
* See Casebook: Jack the Ripper's Martha Tabram page.
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