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Halloween Countdown, Day 21

Did you grow up with any local/regional legends, spooky stories, mysteries, or the like?

the boggy creek monster

Aside from the reported local "haunted houses," I recall vividly tales of the Boggy Creek Monster (a.k.a. the "Fouke Monster" or "Southern Sasquatch"). The phenomenon centers primarily around the Boggy Creek area on the border between Arkansas and Texas, but it still made its way up to Tulsa, Oklahoma, where I was raised -- the story, that is, not the creature -- especially via the 1972 docudrama The Legend of Boggy Creek (which turned out to have a profound effect on the style of 1999's The Blair Witch Project, interestingly enough).

Some in the region wholly embrace this variation on the Bigfoot theme, as you can see.

Boggy Creek Monster Truck Beware the Fouke Monster Handbag WIP Back

I'm not yaying or naying the actual existence of the creature, as I haven't made a systematic study of the reports, sightings, and evidence. (I understand that annual regional conferences on the subject of the "monster" today draw reputable scientists from various universities and institutions as well as lay enthusiasts and local celebrants.) I'm simply saying that it seems very much in the Halloween spirit to appreciate any community that embraces its "darker side."

Monster Mart 18/31 -  Furilla And The Legend Of Boggy Creek

How about you? Do you have any local/regional stories to share?

Here the Sulphur River flows,
Rising when the storm cloud blows.
This is where the creature goes,
Lurking in the land he knows.
Perhaps he dimly wonders, "Why,
Is there no other such as I
To love, to touch before I die,
To listen to my lonely cry?"

- from The Legend of Boggy Creek

Note: No cattle were mutilated in the making of this post.
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