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Where I'll Be When, first draft

I am working on my calendar, and I thought I would share a draft of my list of where I'll be in the near future. I hope to see some of you at these events!

Where I'll be when:

PhreakNIC 9 Technology and Culture Convention (as guest)
My talk: "Still Big Brother After All These Years"

"Benjamin Franklin's World": The Fourth Annual Humanities Symposium at Belmont University (as speaker)
My talk: "The Lost State of Franklin"

"Past Watchful Dragons": Fantasy and Faith in the World of C.S. Lewis (as conference director)

MidSouthCon 24 (as guest)
My talk and panel titles are TBA.

Hypericon II: A Speculative Fiction Convention (as guest)
My talk and panel titles are TBA.

The Gathering of the Fellowship 2006 (as guest)
My talks:
1. "You Say Hobbit, I Say Shoggoth: The J.R.R. Tolkien-H.P. Lovecraft Connection"
2. "Your Dwarves Don't Dance and Your Elves Don't Rock-n-Roll: A Tour of Tolkien-Inspired World Music"

And last, gacked from many friends,
when you see this, quote from Firefly:

"See, this is another sign of your tragic space dementia, all paranoid and crotchety.
Breaks the heart."
-from "The Train Job"


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Sep. 28th, 2005 11:10 pm (UTC)
you always have such a line-up of cool events to go to! hope the "watchful dragons" are behaving and I'm sure the conf will go off beautifully.

and when are you putting out your own book of essays focused on fantasy lit. and popular culture? it should be soon! *sits at your feet*

"tragic space dementia" - I haven't even seen the show and I don't know who says it but I love that phrase already. :P
Sep. 29th, 2005 12:43 pm (UTC)
When are you going to be in Tampa, Florida?

Awe, forget I asked that. We just don't get cool SF things here in Tampa. Like I told Squidboy last week, something about the heat makes people think they are too cool for SciFi, when in fact I happen to embrace my geekiness and think SciFi is the cats meow.
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