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Where I'll Be When, first draft

I am working on my calendar, and I thought I would share a draft of my list of where I'll be in the near future. I hope to see some of you at these events!

Where I'll be when:

PhreakNIC 9 Technology and Culture Convention (as guest)
My talk: "Still Big Brother After All These Years"

"Benjamin Franklin's World": The Fourth Annual Humanities Symposium at Belmont University (as speaker)
My talk: "The Lost State of Franklin"

"Past Watchful Dragons": Fantasy and Faith in the World of C.S. Lewis (as conference director)

MidSouthCon 24 (as guest)
My talk and panel titles are TBA.

Hypericon II: A Speculative Fiction Convention (as guest)
My talk and panel titles are TBA.

The Gathering of the Fellowship 2006 (as guest)
My talks:
1. "You Say Hobbit, I Say Shoggoth: The J.R.R. Tolkien-H.P. Lovecraft Connection"
2. "Your Dwarves Don't Dance and Your Elves Don't Rock-n-Roll: A Tour of Tolkien-Inspired World Music"

And last, gacked from many friends,
when you see this, quote from Firefly:

"See, this is another sign of your tragic space dementia, all paranoid and crotchety.
Breaks the heart."
-from "The Train Job"

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