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more October goodness

Happy October, Day Two!

First, I just have to share a picture taken today, proving once again that Virginia is the greatest gal ever. Boston terriers are love.

And now something completely different: for that Halloween atmosphere, here are some links about the eerie and fascinating Paris catacombs, complete with pictures!

The Catacombs of Paris (Wikipedia)
Underground Paris: A Virtual Tour
WebMuseum, Paris: The Catacombs of Paris
Photos of the Catacombs of Paris

For the quote of the day, picking up where we left off yesterday...

...I have plunged like a deer through the arches
Of the hoary primoridal grove,
Where the oaks feel the presence that marches,
And stalks on where no spirit dares rove,
And I flee from a thing that surrounds me, and leers through dead branches above.

I have stumbled by cave-ridden mountains
That rise barren and bleak from the plain,
I have drunk of the fog-foetid fountains
That ooze down to the marsh and the main;
And in hot cursed tarns I have seen things, I care not to gaze on again.

I have scanned the vast ivy-clad palace,
I have trod its untenanted hall,
Where the moon rising up from the valleys
Shows the tapestried things on the wall;
Strange figures discordantly woven, that I cannot endure to recall...

from "Nemesis" by H.P. Lovecraft
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