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Halloween Countdown, Day 22

Ever since I moved far from home to go to college a couple of decades ago, I've had a thing about snailmail. As much as I enjoy the ease of communication in the internet age, I really love finding something in my mailbox! Sixteen months ago I joined Postcrossing, which allows you to send a postcard and receive one back from a random person somewhere in the world. I've been thoroughly enjoying the experience. It's especially fun to send postcards to students around the globe whose classes participate in Postcrossing.

Of course, one of the kinds of postcards I request are spooky, eerie ones. Here are some of the wonderfully Halloween-appropriate postcards I've received.

This one is from Germany.


These are from Lithuania and Japan, respectively.

from Lithuania from Japan

These are from Russia and Germany.

from Russia from Germany

“Henderson sighed. There was a time, he reflected, when the coming of this night meant something. A dark Europe, groaning in superstitious fear, dedicated this Eve to the grinning Unknown. A million doors had once been barred against the evil visitants, a million prayers mumbled, a million candles lit. There was something majestic about the idea...”
― Robert Bloch, "The Cloak" (1939)
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