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Halloween Countdown, Day 23

I find this photo to be exceptionally creepy.

The official Ebay listing describes it like this: "Circa 1902 bucolic image of a little girl surrounded by her collection of fine German bisque antique dolls which were, of course, pretty new back then. She also clutches onto the newest sensation, the Teddy Bear, which appears to have been made by Steiff. On the back of the photo is written 'To Rebecca, from Mae Eileen.' It's not hard to speculate that Rebecca had some jealousy issues, as Mae Eileen's pretty face is deliberately and angrily scratched out, as well as the doll's face on the rocking chair. It only adds to the mystery of the photo but you must admit this is quite a great collection."

I'm pretty sure there's a Gothic novel to be written here, or perhaps a short story or poem.

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