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Cool Things are Cool

These count as cool things:

- The Lovecraft eZine's Lovecraftian/Weird Fiction "Author of the Week" is the incomparable and eldritch ankh_hpl. Read all about it here!

- From io9: "Discover House Of Stairs, One Of The Most Underrated YA Dystopias."

- History goodness! "Researchers hopeful that NC site is that of Lost Colony."

- Hope springs eternal: "X Files Stars To Resume Search For The Truth?"

From the X File

"Be bold — read much — write much — publish little — keep aloof from the little wits, and fear nothing."
- Edgar Allan Poe in a letter to Abijah Metcalf Ide, Jr. dated January 25, 1845
Tags: lovecraft, sf, x-files, ya dystopias

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