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You're invited! Free giveaways!

Everyone's invited! I'll be Mike Davis's guest on The Lovecraft eZine's Live Video Chat Show tomorrow (Sunday) at 6pm Eastern. Everyone is welcome! I'll be talking about the online Lovecraft course I'm teaching for Mythgard Institute this summer, and there will be some special giveaways for those who attend the chat show live -- including a free auditor's seat in the class!

In other news, my narration of Neal Asher's wonderful story "Recoper" is on the latest episode of StarShipSofa. If you listen, I hope you enjoy.


Apr. 25th, 2015 10:52 pm (UTC)
I am positive it is entirely (and TOTALLY) awesome.....

ten years ago, I 'met' a woman on LJ. She and I became friends and formed a Tolkienista partnership. We produced a lot of great stuff together and talked via email every day. She kept saying "gee, if only we could meet". I didn't really see what our physical bodies being in the same space and time would add. But hell, one year I took a flying vacation and visited.

Ya know.....she was right. I don't understand it, there's no logic to it. But it added another strata to *us*, an entirely human, yet wonderfully necessary one.

Television is wonderful, movies are wonderful. We live in a world where those mediums make sense. (as do on-line classes). And yet, there isn't anything like being in a theater, being in the moment with actors, breathing the air they breathe. We experience the work differently, simple because we are in the room.

I'm still trying to explain this to myself, to understand why it is so. It isn't logical. It's an emotional truth.

(which isn't saying I won't join your on-line class...it is, indeed, *just* sayin'.....!)