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Death Eaters and Haunted Houses

For Harry Potter fans, a reading recommendation in the spirit of the season: "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Death Eaters." You don't want to be known as the flaky, indecisive Death Eater, do you?

Only two days until PhreakNIC. I look forward to seeing some of you there!

And now, more Halloween goodness from George MacDonald:

III. Still as death,
Although I listen with bated breath!
Yet something is coming, I know--is coming;
With an inward soundless humming,
Somewhere in me or in the air--
I cannot tell--but its foot is there!
Marching on to an unheard drumming,
Something is coming--coming--
Growing and coming;
And the moon is aware--
Aghast in the air
At the thing that is only coming
With an inward soundless humming,
And an unheard spectral drumming!

IV. Nothing to see and nothing to hear!
Only across the inner sky
The wing of a shadowy thought flits by,
Vague and featureless, faceless, drear--
Only a thinness to catch the eye:
Is it a dim foreboding unborn,
Or a buried memory, wasted and worn
As the fading frost of a wintry sigh?
Anon I shall have it!--anon!--it draws nigh!
A night when--a something it was took place
That drove the blood from that scared moon-face!
Hark! was that the cry of a goat,
Or the gurgle of water in a throat?
Hush! there is nothing to see or hear,
Only a silent something is near;
No knock, no footsteps three or four,
Only a presence outside the door!
See! the moon is remembering--what?
The wail of a mother-left, lie-alone brat?
Or a raven sharpening its beak to peck?
Or a cold blue knife and a warm white neck?
Or only a heart that burst and ceased
For a man that went away released?
I know not--know not, but something is coming
Somehow back with an inward humming.

from "The Haunted House" by George MacDonald
Tags: halloween

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