Amy H. Sturgis (eldritchhobbit) wrote,
Amy H. Sturgis

Who would *you* choose to be in the Star Wars 'verse?

The fantastic Curtis Weyant interviewed me for the Mythgard Institute blog: "Interview: Amy H. Sturgis on The Force of Star Wars." Now that you know my answer, tell me: which character would you choose to be from the Star Wars 'verse?

Speaking of Star Wars, here's one last reminder: I'll be giving my live online lecture “The Jedi, the Cowboy, and… Thomas Edison?: Pulp Science Fiction and Star Wars for the Mythgard Academy Guest Lecture Series on Saturday, Aug. 15 at 3:00 pm ET. Everyone is welcome! There is no cost. Save your virtual seat by registering for the talk here. The Guest Lecture Series site has more information on the lecture here.

Tags: sf, star wars

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