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"by the dark of the moon"

Today begins PhreakNIC!

I was sorry to read that a "Study Reveals Pittsburgh Unprepared For Full-Scale Zombie Attack." Heh heh.

And now more scary goodness from George MacDonald:

VII. O winds, winds! that lurk and peep
Under the edge of the moony fringe!
O winds, winds! up and sweep;
Up, and blow and billow the air,
Billow the air with blow and swinge;
Rend me this ghastly house of groans;
Rend and scatter the skeleton's bones
Over the deserts and mountains bare;
Blast and hurl and shiver aside
Nailed sticks and mortared stones;
Clear the phantom, with torrent and tide,
Out of the moon and out of my brain,
That the light may fall shadowless in again!

VIII. But alas! then the ghost
O'er mountain and coast
Would go roaming, roaming; and never was swine,
That, grubbing and talking with snork and whine
On Gadarene mountains, had taken him in,
But would rush to the lake to unhouse the sin
For any charnel
This ghost is too carnal;
There is no volcano, burnt out and cold,
Whose very ashes are gray and old,
But would cast him forth in reviving flame,
To blister the sky with a smudge of shame.

from "The Haunted House" by George MacDonald

And another Halloween quiz:

Which Halloween-Friendly Tori Amos Lyrics Are You?
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Your Tori Amos Halloween Lyric is "Anybody knows you can conjure anything by the dark of the moon" (from "Suede")
This quiz by eldritchhobbit - Taken 1 Times.
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