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Halloween Countdown, Day 14

Today my latest "Looking Back into Genre History" segment is available on the newest episode of StarShipSofa. It's my review of the "Madness: Insanity in the Works of Edgar Allan Poe" temporary exhibit I saw last month at The Poe Museum, a place I always love to visit. I thought this was a very insightful exhibit, and in my segment I try to pass some of those insights along to listeners. If you check it out, I hope you enjoy!*

When I exited the Memorial Building there, I saw one of the Poe Museum's two black cats (either Edgar or Pluto, I'm not sure which). Very atmospheric! So I took this photo.

"I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity." - Poe to George W. Eveleth, 1848

* My segment begins 1 hour and 5 minutes into the show, but this episode is packed with science fictional goodness, so I encourage you to take in the whole thing!


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Oct. 14th, 2015 11:19 am (UTC)
Great picture!

How are you making out with all the flooding in your state? Staying dry?
Oct. 16th, 2015 11:37 am (UTC)
I'm so happy you like the picture! Thanks. It was pure luck, coming out of the building at just the right moment.

Thanks for asking about us. It's been very, very rainy, so there's a bit of a squelch in the grass and quite a few mushrooms, but fortunately the nearby lakes were low before this started, so nothing flooded here. We're also rather high up compared to elsewhere, which helped. We were under flash flood warnings, but not many back roads ended up washing out. But the poor folks to the east and southeast of us really had a rough time.
Oct. 16th, 2015 10:18 pm (UTC)
Good pictures are often a product of being in the right place at the right time. :)

I'm glad you're OK, and dry!
Oct. 20th, 2015 10:34 pm (UTC)
Just listened to this segment, & I thought it was one of your recent best. So much good material for those of us who aren't as up on our Poe as we should be!
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