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Hugs to all at PhreakNIC!

PhreakNIC was its usual success. Congrats to all involved with the con! It was great to see toddlyles, melissagay, vaklam, pktheater, and lots of other friends. Many thanks to all of those who came to my presentation. I apologize for being under the weather and a bit short on energy, but I have antibiotics now, and I will be at 110% for Past Watchful Dragons.

Here's some scary goodness for you!

Hark! the owlet flaps her wing,
In the pathless dell beneath,
Hark! night ravens loudly sing,
Tidings of despair and death. —

Horror covers all the sky,
Clouds of darkness blot the moon,
Prepare! for mortal thou must die,
Prepare to yield thy soul up soon —

Fierce the tempest raves around,
Fierce the volleyed lightnings fly,
Crashing thunder shakes the ground,
Fire and tumult fill the sky. —

Hark! the tolling village bell,
Tells the hour of midnight come,
Now can blast the powers of Hell,
Fiend-like goblins now can roam — ...

from ""Ghasta, or The Avenging Demon!!!" by Percy Bysshe Shelley
Read the complete poem.
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